Learning English In Malta: 5 Reasons Why Malta Is Great For Students

By January 23, 2017 August 9th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Learning English In Malta: 5 Reasons Why Malta Is Great For Students

Learning English nowadays is something vital.

English is an international language, so not only will you have more possibilities to talk and communicate with people from around the world, but also; you would be more open-minded thanks to all the new people you will be meeting.

As well as, after all, it is one more skill on your CV.

For sure you will not waste your time by learning English in Malta, the sunny island and a “melting pot” of diverse cultures.

Learning English In Malta

Malta Is An English Speaking Country

Malta is a small island situated about 80 km of the south of Italy and 280km of east of Tunisia. This country covers 317 km² but have one of the most densely populated countries of the world behind Monaco, Singapore or Hong Kong. The capital city of Malta is Valletta.

Because of the colonisation history we are speaking, in this beautiful sunny country, two official languages: Maltese and English. Malta was also part of the British Empire for over 150 years and got its independence in 1964 .

Therefore it is not surprising there are here a lot of British influence on the islands. Around 90% of locals speak English in Malta.

You’ll Find People From All Around The World

Many foreign people come in Malta to sunbathe during the summer and some others to find a job. Simply walking down the streets will allow you to meet a lot of people from around the world.

This blends of cultures will also help you to improve your English and tip to become a more fluent speaker is to go towards others and practice what you have learned.

Plenty Job Opportunities

The unemployment rate in Malta is 5,7%. Compared to the European Union average, this is approximately 3% less.

Perhaps this is why so many people flock to come to Malta to find a job. For this, you will need to speak good and fluent English, while also a third language like Italian or French is a plus.

If you are not able to speak in English, don’t worry, there are a lot of good English schools on the island.

Many Proficient English Schools

Malta is a famous destination to students looking to learn English in Malta and there are over 40 English schools on this little island with courses offered for different ages and different levels of expertise..

They offer not only lessons but also activities and excursions so this can help you meet more people and improve your English in a playful way.

Delicious Food

During your stay in Malta you will have the choice to eat many various kind of dishes, from Sicilian, English or French to Maghrebin. Although if you prefer eating typical Maltese foods you can check our article about it.

Depending of what you expect to eat you can enjoy food at our Gastronomy restaurants which offers local and international cuisine.


We hope you enjoy learning english in Malta. While here, we would like to invite you to enjoy some of our facilities which includes a Club Lounge, pools, 6 bars and restaurants, spa, fitness centre and more.

If you’d like to know more about Malta, be sure to visit our blog where you will find more in-depth guides and information about Malta.

Learning English In Malta

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