The Battle For Malta: Documentary About Malta In WW2

By January 20, 2017 March 22nd, 2018 Intercontinental Malta

Being so perfectly placed geographically, throughout the years, Malta has been a “target’ for most super powers throughout the ages, and even more so in times of war.

Malta is situated right in the heart of the Mediterranean on the doorstep of two major continents; Africa & Europe.

Even in the most distant past, Malta was colonised by various ancient powers such as the Roman Empire, the Knights of St John and by the Ottoman Empire amongst others (see the full list here).

Obviously, when both world wars were happening in Europe, Malta once again became a target. More so because it was a British colony with lots of military value and with the British directly involved in the war, Malta was thrown right in the “middle of the war” between the Allied and the Axis forces.

Today’s post is a post about a documentary titled ‘The Battle For Malta” which is an in-depth, hour-long documentary about the hardships Malta was involved in and how, (luckily), it managed to come through the war without it being conquered.

This is a great documentary about Malta and war in general. If this is something you’re interested, we’d like to invite you to see this documentary here:

The Battle For Malta

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