10 Things You Did Not Know About Malta

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It’s The Culture Capital

Malta, or better yet; the capital city of Malta (Valletta) is the soon to be “official” culture capital of Europe. Malta will be host this prestigious honour for all of 2018 before the title moves on to Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2019.

Island Life Is As Good As It Gets In Malta

If you’ve ever imagined what island life might be like, then Malta is the best place to visit if you want to experience that.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Malta is not just one single island, it’s an archipelago of 5 different islands. You can see more information about that here.

History Is Abundant

History is everywhere in Malta. It’s been reported that Malta has had inhabitants living here as far back as 15,000 years ago.

There’s also ten different historical periods and eras that you may want to learn about. If that is the case; you can see our guide about these historical periods on this guide.

Many Unique Flavours

Once in Malta, you have to try the Maltese cuisine, and that involves finding some delicious Maltese foods to try and enjoy. Once here, be sure to ask for pastizzi, Kinnie and Cisk – you’ll know why they are so “famous” as soon as you try them

It’s A Home Away From Home

The majority of tourism in Malta comes from the UK, which is understandable seeing as how Malta and the United Kingdom have always enjoyed a close relationship throughout Malta’s history.

For many UK tourists, or even expats living here, Malta can feel like a “home away from home” due to the English culture being deeply embedded while also the majority of Maltese people also speak English fluently.

Local Traditions Are Plentiful

If you’re interested in exploring the cultural traditions in Malta, then you’re in luck as there is plenty to experience.. One event we suggest you visit if you happen to be visiting Malta in summer is a village festa.

This is a street celebration that celebrates the town’s patron saint, and it’s an experience you have to see to appreciate.

Watching The Waves

Malta is a small island. Thus the sea and sea-views are abundant. Take some time to explore the many stunning views of the Mediterranean sea from various high points around the coast of Malta, most namely Dingli Cliffs.

An Island Of Myths

Malta is a land of myths and legends. From Knights fighting battles here to Saints arriving here by a shipwreck and Greek goddesses capturing their loved ones on the island of Gozo

There is much to be explored and enjoyed in Malta, as long as you know where to look.

A Driver’s Paradise

Malta is also world-famous for its great diving sites. From red coral reefs, which have been proven to be the biggest in the world, to numerous diving attractions brought on by the (unfortunate) sinking of ships in both world wars wars lying at the bottom of the seabed.

Just like on land, there is also much to be explored underwater. For an excellent video about the underwater world that Malta has surrounded its shores see this 20-minute documentary about the seabed in Malta.

Smaller Than You Think

I think everybody that is interested in visiting Malta knows that it’s a small island, but very few grasp how small it really is.

Malta is tiny – one of the smallest countries in the world to be exact and although there’s much to see and do here, just know; you’re going to be shocked by how miniature it is.

Closing Words

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