11 Facts About Malta: Random (But Fun) Things To Know Before Visiting

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Why Malta Is The Perfect Sun Filled Getaway

11 Facts About Malta


While being a small island, 316km², Malta is a crowded place. As of 2015, the entire population of Malta stands at around 445,416 people.

Bonus fun fact: More Maltese people are living abroad than there are citizens in Malta. The “world population” is said to have over 1,500,000 Maltese people or with Maltese descent living around the world.

Let’s just be glad that not all of these million-plus live on this island. That would make it crowded.

Languages Spoken

The primary “official” language is Maltese with the majority of people speaking it, but English is also our second language, so the absolute majority of the population also speaks this.

You will also find people that speak a lot of Italian (due to having Italian TV in every home) and also secondary languages such as German, Spanish and French are heavily pushed in schools, so it’s not uncommon to come across somebody that speaks all these languages.

This is obviously huge benefit to the tourism industry which relies heavily on visitors from such countries and at our hotels, you will find people that speak a variety of different European languages,


The official currency of Malta is the Euro, which was adopted after Malta joined in the Eurozone in 2008. Up until that point, Malta was previously using the Maltese Lira.

(These old currency notes are highly valuable now so you may be lucky to find some of these as collector’s item for all you coin collectors).

Weather Average

Luckily, Malta is said to have the best climate in the world! But what does that mean?

If you plan on visiting Malta in the winter, the average temperature will be around 20°C and if you’re visiting in the Summer, it will be (a bit too hot) at around 35°C.

Although the summer season opens more ways you can enjoy Malta’s beaches and the sunshine, visiting Malta in the winter months also has its benefits.

Capital City

The capital city of Malta is Valletta, which also is a UNESCO world heritage site and the European culture of Europe for 2018.

Valletta is a small capital city (smallest in Europe), but there’s a lot to be discovered and explored within its walls and gridlock streets.

If you plan on visiting Malta, be sure to visit this capital city and explore it in your way. We also have a guide on things to do in Valletta so check with that if you want some suggestions.


Tourism is the biggest “bread winner” for Malta with over 1,800,000 tourists visiting each and every year. Tourism is also what keeps Malta ticking with many jobs and industries directly benefitting from this tourism boom and flow of foreigners.


Facts About MaltaMalta is a highly religious country, and the official religion of the land is Roman Catholic. Maltese people are (were) very passionate about their faith, and on this tiny island, you will find 365 different churches across the island.

All you have to do to spot these religious structures is simply head over to a “high place” and you will see all the top ends of these grand, ancient building towering out of every village piazza.

Internet Connection

For those that want to stay connected, you’ll be happy to know that Malta has a strong wifi coverage mostly provided by the Government in public areas.

You’ll also find that the majority of bars, restaurants and hotels in Malta offer free Wifi to patrons and tourists. You will not have issues staying connected and sharing some amazing Instagram pictures while on holiday in Malta.

High Density Of Cars

A bit of a downside to Malta and something you should expect when visiting is a constant flow of cars on the road. Traffic problems and congestion is climbing, and Malta also owns the record for most cars per square meter in the world!

This is something referred as one of the biggest issues for the Government to solve and there are plans to amend this and minimise the traffic problem in the coming years.

5 Main Islands Make Up Malta

Malta is not one island, in fact; Malta is just one of the islands that comprise the Maltese archipelago. The complete list of the islands is this:

  • Malta (the biggest one)
  • Gozo (Malta’s sister island in the North)
  • Comino (third largest island) and also home to:
  • Cominette (slight smaller island next to Comino) and finally;
  • Filfla (a small, highly protected island) in the south of Malta.

Malta’s Past Rulers

Being perfectly strategically placed right in the middle of the Mediterranean as a base for transport for commerce and military between 2 main continents, Malta attracted the attention of rules that saw the benefit of having such a base in the doorstep of Europe.

This lead to Malta suffering many attacks and rulers changing hands through its rich history. For more information on this topic, see our guide on the history periods that shaped Malta to what it is today.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you very much for reading our fun fact facts about Malta. Of course, there is much more to be said, and we will be sharing more and more facts that would interest you in the coming weeks on our official blog.

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