Malta From The Air: Amazing Footage Captured By Drones

By January 6, 2017 March 26th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
malta from the air

Being the small island that it is, Malta (including the smaller sister islands) can be seen in whole from a plane as you’re landing (just to give you an idea how small it is).

As you can imagine, being “up there” does provide you with a unique, birds-eye view of the amazing scenes to be found on the islands.

Today, we have curated and gathered a series of videos shot in Malta by drones that give you a clear perspective of Malta from the air.

We hope you enjoy this footage as much as we did and a big thank you goes out to Travel By Drone and all the videographers for curating all these videos.

Malta From The Air (Bird’s Eye View Of Malta)

Valletta From The Air Part 1

Valletta From The Air Part 2

The Blue Grotto In Malta

The Blue Grotto In Malta (Part 2)

The Village Square Series

Mosta Valley By Drone

Mellieha Malta

“The Ferry” (Malta & Gozo From The Air)

A Sky Tour From Comino

Ghajnsielem Sky Tour (Gozo)

Azure Window In Gozo Part 1

Azure Window In Gozo Part 2

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed this “Malta From Air” collection of drone footage.

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We look forward to hosting you at InterContinental, Malta. See you soon.

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